System X Renew

System X Renew


HYPER Gloss & Super Slick

‣ True SiO2 technology – formed in chemical matrix during cure

‣ Super Slick coat repels contaminants and water helping prevent harmful water spotting

‣ Adds HYPER gloss, shine, and depth

‣ Protects surfaces for 9+ months

‣ Fast & easy application process

‣ Coated surfaces clean off with ease

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A Coating Unlike Any Other

Ultra Hydrophobic Bead off water and contaminates like no other spray coating.
Renew™ is a full ceramic nano-coating with superior hydrophobic properties
that ACTUALLY last!

HYPER Gloss Increase clear coat gloss levels instantly!Renew’s secondary layer of protection actslike a mirror when fully cured, reflecting light for the glossiest, deep wet look.

Paint, Glass, Wheels +Renew™ not only protects and slicks up your vehicles paint but also works great on wheels, glass, and other surfaces including watercrafts and even aviation applications.

True SiO2 Technology

Be careful with competitors claiming to have high concentrations of SiO2.

In fact, Silicon dioxide doesn’t belong as an active ingredient!

With System X Renew™, SiO2 is formed in the chemical matrix when the siloxanes cure, and don’t think more siloxanes are better. Too much siloxane in formulation is like adding too much flour to a cake you are baking – it won’t make it better, it will make it worse.

True to the System X brand, it’s all about balance in the formulation, to create the perfect cured product with maximum performance, regardless of cost.


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